Shipping policy

<Domestic delivery>

【Delivery company】
 Yamato Transport
* Please note that customers cannot specify the delivery company.

If you wish to have multiple delivery destinations, please place an order for each delivery destination.

[Timing of product shipment]
Unless otherwise specified, we will ship within 5 business days after confirming your order.

If you want to specify the delivery date and time, please specify when ordering.
<Specifiable delivery time>
AM / 14-16 o'clock / 16-18 o'clock / 18-20 o'clock / 19-21 o'clock

* If you make a payment on the weekend, it may take 5 days or more if there are consecutive holidays on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Thank you for your understanding.

[Details of shipping]
Free shipping if the total purchase amount of the product is 22,000 yen (tax included) or more  per destination .
If it is less than 22,000 yen (tax included), the following shipping fee will be charged depending on the delivery area.

area Prefecture 
Shipping (tax included)
Hokkaido Hokkaido
1,430 yen
North Tohoku
Aomori,  Iwate,  Akita
990 yen
South Tohoku
Miyagi,  Yamagata,  Fukushima 
880 yen
Ibaraki,  Tochigi,  Gunma,  Saitama 
Chiba,  Tokyo,  Kanagawa,  Yamanashi 
770 yen
Niigata  Nagano 
770 yen
Toyama,  Ishikawa,  Fukui 
660 yen
Gifu,  Shizuoka,  Aichi,  Mie 
660 yen
Shiga,  Kyoto,  Osaka,  Hyogo 
Nara,  Wakayama 
660 yen
Tottori,   Shimane,  Okayama,  Hiroshima,  Yamaguchi 
660 yen
Tokushima,  Kagawa,  Ehime,  Kochi 
770 yen
Fukuoka,  Saga,  Nagasaki,  Oita 
770 yen
Southern Kyushu
Kumamoto,  Miyazaki,  Kagoshima 
770 yen
1,320 yen

* This price includes consumption tax.
* Additional shipping charges may apply for remote islands and some areas.

<Overseas delivery>

【Delivery company】
 EMS (Japan Post Express Mail Service)
* Please note that customers cannot specify the delivery company.

[Timing of product shipment]
・We will ship within 5 business days after confirming your order.
    Customers cannot specified the delivery date for International shipping.

[Details of shipping]
・ Customers will be responsible for the actual costs of shipping, customs duties, and other related fees for international shipments.
・The insurance fee and handling charge are included in the shipping charge provided.
*Due to the effects of the global situation and export restrictions, even if you have completed your order, delivery to some areas may be delayed and we may not be able to accept your order.
Please note that the available delivery areas are in accordance with Japan Post EMS.

・If the total value of your order exceeds 200,000 JPY, the following charges will be added to the shipping fees shown in the cart.
  - 2,800 JPY customs clearance mandate fee 
  - Insurance fee equivalent to 1% of the total value of the merchandise 
They will be billed separately after the order is placed.

[Related fees]
・Customs duties and other fees may be incurred at the time of importation in the destination country and will be billed to the recipient.
・Please note that we are not able to confirm customs duties and other fees in advance, as they are at the discretion of the customs authorities at the destination country and related agencies.