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Sakura card case

Sakura card case

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Graceful weeping cherry blossoms swaying in the wind

The weeping cherry blossoms in full bloom.
The flowers are drawn with color lacquer and real gold.

In a space where you want to be particular

The lacquer card case can be placed in a space such as a desk in a company where you want to have a particular feeling, and it will change the atmosphere to a calm atmosphere.
A box suitable for gifts.

With functional dividers

You can move the partition to any place you like, so you can use it functionally.
There is a cherry-colored velvet on the bottom, so you can also remove the partition and use it as an accessory or accessory case.

When you insert the card, it looks like this.

The gold ZOHIKO logo mark is on the back side.

This item will be delivered in a wooden box.

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Size (cm): length 14.5 x width 11 x height 7.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquered
Box: Wooden box

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