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Kanshitsu chopsticks set

Kanshitsu chopsticks set

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Chopsticks that are not slippery and easy to hold

Dry lacquer powder, which is a powder of dried lacquer, is sown on the surface for finishing.
The surface has fine irregularities and has a rough texture.
The chopsticks catch on your fingers moderately, making it hard to slip and easy to hold.

Light and easy to use every day

The wood and lacquer chopsticks are light and do not put a strain on your hands, making them easy for the elderly to use every day.

Chopstick tips that are easy to pick up

The tip of the chopsticks is all painted in the same way, so you can pinch the food firmly.

It is a set of two sets of black and seeds.

It is a set of two sets of long black chopsticks and short vermilion chopsticks.

Perfect for gifts

We will deliver it in the original paulownia box.
A simple set of chopsticks in calm colors, perfect as a gift for couples and parents. It is also recommended to give it as a wedding gift together with a pair of bowls.
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Size (cm) Black: 22.5 cm
Vermilion: 21 cm
Material: Wooden lacquer: Lacquer ware Box: Pair paulownia box
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