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Yoi Yoi Fuji

Yoi Yoi Fuji

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Motif of Mt. Fuji

This is a sake cup with the motif of Mt. Fuji, which makes evening drink time fun.
The digging expresses the powerful mountain surface of Mt. Fuji.
Sake cup made by hollowing out wood have a good reputation for being pleasant to the touch and making sake more delicious.

Sake cup that can be enjoyed in two ways

This cup can be used upside down.
(* The amount of alcohol that can be added to both is the same.)
You can use it according to your mood of the day and those who are familiar with your hands.

Suri lacquer finish with wood grain

It is a beautiful cup with a powerful wood grain.
(Since natural wood is used, the grain is different one by one.)

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Size (cm): Diameter 7 x Height 8
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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