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Tiger oval tray

Tiger oval tray

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An oval tray depicting a tiger running through a thousand miles

As the tiger is said to "go a thousand miles in a day and come back a thousand miles in a day," it is said to shake off all kinds of bad luck and bring prosperity to the family with its strong energy.
May it be a year of great strides, just like the dashing tiger kicking the ground!

The lacquer work of real gold is beautiful

It is a tray where the lacquer work drawn with real gold shines brightly in the deep brown color.

It is an easy-to-use tray

The tray is not too big and is convenient for placing drinks and sweets.
It is easy to use and has a timeless design, making it a popular tray in our shop.

It will be delivered in a gift box (paper box).

The gold ZOHIKO logo mark is on the back side.

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Size (cm): length 17.5 x width 30 x height 1.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Urethane coating
Box: Gift box

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