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Rabbit decorative plate & stand

Rabbit decorative plate & stand

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A decorative plate that invites auspiciousness

The combination of Dutch rush and rabbits became popular around the middle of the Edo period.
It is a pattern born from Zeami's Noh play "Tokusa".
An old father, who was separated from his son at birth, meets again in Shinshu's moon-viewing spot Sonohara, a field of Dutch rush.
The pattern depicts a rabbit that is said to live on the moon.

It is said that the Dutch rush stretches straight and that polishing the gold with them makes it more lustrous.
It is considered to be an auspicious pattern that represents growth and prosperity.

The glittering beauty of genuine gold

Decorative plates with plenty of gold leaf are used not only in tokonoma (alcove) and entrance halls, but also in reception areas of many corporations.
Because the gold leaf on these decorative plates is genuine gold, it does not lose its luster over time.

You can see various expressions depending on the degree of light and angle.

It will be delivered in a wooden box.

Comes with a wooden special stand.

The gold ZOHIKO logo mark is on the back side.

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Size (cm) : diameter 24 x height 2
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Wooden box

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