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Taiger round tray (2 colors)

Taiger round tray (2 colors)

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It is a tray depicting a papier-mache tiger.

A tiger that loves and cares for children is a symbol of the bond between parents and children.
Since ancient times, papier-mâché tigers have been loved as toys for seasonal festivals to wish for children's growth and good health.
This round tray is decorated with such a papier-mâché tiger in gold and lacquer.

It can be used in multiple ways

It is a tray that can be widely used as a tray for serving tea, and as a tray with food and sweets on it.
It is a product that is easy to use and will be a nice gift for New Year's greetings.

You can stack two trays

The size of the red tray fits inside the black tray.

A tiger is drawn in gold and green lacquer on the red tray.

A tiger is drawn in gold and red lacquer on the black tray.

It will be delivered in a gift box (paper box).

The gold ZOHIKO logo mark is on the back side.

[Product information]
Size (cm): Black : Diameter 22 x Height 2
                   Red : Diameter 21 x Height 2
Material: Natural wood processed product
Coating: Urethane coating
Box: GIft box

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