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Kijitame Short Cup (2 colors)

Kijitame Short Cup (2 colors)

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Can be used for a long time with reliable quality

The outer coating is finished with "Kijitame-nuri" so that the grain of wood can be seen.
The faintly visible wood grain is so beautiful that it is an elegant gem.
The cup that fits comfortably in your hand has a pleasant mouthfeel, and some people are surprised by the softness when it is put on the mouth.
It is an item that gives you a feeling of warmth that is a bit different from glass and pottery.

The subtly beautiful grain of wood creates an exquisite shade.

The inside is finished with a rare white lacquer. White lacquer is harder than other lacquer, and the brush marks are conspicuous, so special technique is required to apply it evenly.
* As each item is hand-painted, the color of the white lacquer may differ slightly from the photo.

High-quality and timeless design

A cup with a simple, lean and sophisticated design.
It's light and has a good taste, so it's a dish you want to use every day.

As a gift for genuine people

The lower part has a gentle step, making it easy to hold in your hand.
The gold ZOHIKO logo mark is on the bottom.

Light and easy to use

Since the upper part is designed to be wide, it does not slip and fits firmly in your hand.
It is light and easy to hold, so it is also recommended for elderly people.

Also for sake, whiskey and wine

The Kijidame cup can be widely used for whiskey and wine, for watering, and so on.
Especially white wine is recommended. The scent of wine spreads softly.

Recommended for Western food and Italian seats!

As it is a simple cup, it can be used not only for Japanese food but also for Italian food and sweets.
You can use it regardless of taste.

You can use it not only for Japanese tea, but also for tea time if you add cocoa or black tea.
Hot chocolate is also recommended.

* This product can be put in one box  with 2  as a set.
In that case, please order 2 cups and enter "set of 2 box request" in the remarks column.

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Size (cm): Diameter 9 x Height 8
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquered
Box: Gift box

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