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Suriurushi small soup bowl (2 colors )

Suriurushi small soup bowl (2 colors )

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A bowl with a zelkova wood grain

It is a rice bowl that makes use of the beautiful grain of the zelkova tree that is the base material.
It is a simple bowl with lacquer rubbed in, but you can also enjoy the beautiful luster of black and red lacquer.

ZOHIKO's original shape is easy to hold, and the size of black is about 1 cm in diameter larger than red.

* This product can be put in one gift box (paper box) with 2 bowls as a set.
In that case, please order 2 bowls and enter "set of 2 box request" in the remarks column.

[Product information]
Size (cm) Black: Diameter 12.5 x Height 6
Red: Diameter 11.5 x Height 5.5
Material: Wood
Lacquer: Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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